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The duvet solution for couples with temperature issues

For years I thought that I was the only one........................

Every night was a battle. Quite literally a battle of the duvets. The crux of the matter is that I like to be super cozy at night under a nice heavy tog and my husband has a core temperature close to that of the sun. He spends most of the night throwing the duvet off. Then you get what I call slippage, that weird feeling that wakes you when the duvet starts sliding off because he's been kicking at it and throwing it off. The result, you both get half the nights sleep you should and get up feeling cranky and tired.

We tried every kind of duvet out there and the fillings and tog weights became more and more bizarre and expensive. We tried summer/ winter duvets where you can change the tog throughout the year but I was too cold or he was too hot. We realised we were nearing the end of the road when we tried a silk filled duvet and still had the same problem. Every duvet we tried claimed to be temperature regulating and breathable but still didn't solve the problem.

After some conversations with my lawyer, she suggested trying to find a way through mediation. My suggestion that my husband could try sleeping on the floor seemed to be met with some push back. I then spoke to more and more people who were having the exact same issue. At that point, I decided, there must be a better way, a solution!

The other half then had to put up with all sorts of weird duvet configurations while I worked on how to solve the issue. In the end, the solution seemed painfully simple. When you have two different people in a bed, they generally have different temperature requirements so why would you have the same tog weight on both sides? That's when The Addition came into it's own. A section of duvet that fits over one side of the duvet making one side of the bed warmer than the other. The main thing is that it works with your existing duvet.

We've told the lawyer to stand down as all is well now and besides, lawyers are not cheap!





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